Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Brimfield Antique Show....Loving It!!!

The Brimfield Antique and Collectible Show takes place three times a year outdoors in the quaint town of Brimfield, Massachusetts. Brimfield is located near Sturbridge, Massachusetts easily off the Mass Pike (route 90) and onto route 20. The show offers 23 fields full of antiques from Majolica pottery, Roseville Art Pottery, chenille bedspreads. Bakelite jewelry, antique quilts, vintage cameras and victorian furniture. You never know what you will find at the Brimfield fair.
Admission varies depending on the field that you wish to visit. Parking ranges between $6 and $10 dollars. There are hotels to stay at located in Sturbridge if you would like to make a weekend of it. To learn more about this antique show visit; 
The Brimfield Antiques and Collectible Show

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